“The art of planning is to forestall the difficulties of the execution.”
Marquis de Vauvenargues (1715-1747)



ZPP INGENIEURE has been successfully providing engineering services for the construction sector for over 40 years now. Innovative, with proven expertise and a lived passion for “GERMAN ENGINEERING”. Firmly in the tradition of the company founder Prof. Wolfgang Zerna, the icon of construction engineering in Germany.

The company’s more than 300 experts are covering all areas of construction, providing consultancy, verifying, expert reports and advice on maintenance and preservation. Primarily for highly complex construction projects. As recognised specialists and certified verification engineers with an integral approach. Focusing on the building, the setting and the environment. Be it a new build, an existing building, preservation efforts or sustainable life cycle management.

About the company

Selection of our projects


We at ZPP are first and foremost consulting engineers. Our holistic approach to consultancy combines the specialist knowledge of our certified experts and experienced engineers, who draw on the experience gained in over 10.000 construction projects world-wide and a strong knowledge network.



Only if you know the details of all the processes and technologies you can also influence them the right way. At ZPP, a consciously interdisciplinary approach, coupled with an integral view of the project in its entirety forms the basis for extraordinarily efficient and enduring planning.



For decades now, one of our core competences has been quality assurance with the emphasis on safety. We have built a sterling reputation on conducting highly complex technical construction verifications – on behalf of public authorities and the private sector alike. A lived practice today among our numerously certified engineers and experts.



With focused life cycle management based on the latest measuring and monitoring tools, with our ZPP INSPEKTION system and, above all, the many highly experienced building inspectors, ZPP enables you to optimally balance safety requirements and resource savings. Making sure you avoid unnecessary costs.


Project Controlling

ZPP’s project controllers are highly experienced planning engineers, not just project managers. We are the partner who represents you at the table with the clients, developers and construction company executives. We seek to skillfully integrate and ensure budget compliance. And our ZPP INTERPROJECT project administration tool enabled BIM before the term had even been invented.



Industry 4.0, digitalisation and Building Information Modeling are keywords of a fundamental change of the planning, construction and inspection processes in the 21st century. This change offers outstanding potential for increasing quality and cost efficiency. To us, these potentials for the benefit of our customers are both a vision and an obligation.



Construction projects require complex IT systems. We provide support for you in the form of construction-specific IT services. From consulting through network planning to developing client-specific project administration systems that rely on our tried-and-true ZPP INTERPROJECT. For years now, this has formed ZPP’s technology-neutral and cost-efficient backbone for BIM.