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ZPP did a comprehensive verification: the entire plant, from boiler system to water channels

The ultramodern coal-fired power plant operated by RWE AG is located in the Dutch province of Groningen, directly before the mouth of the River Ems. The location has advantages: the seaport can handle the supply of coal as the main feedstock, and other raw materials and waste can be transported to/from the plant in an eco-friendly manner using the river. A cooling system relying on saltwater, together with the latest firing technology have enabled the realisation of a power plant that boasts an extremely high efficiency level of 46% (compared to the 36% achieved by conventional coal-fired power plants in the Netherlands).

Latest technology, highest efficiency

The twin-unit plant has a total output of 1,600 MW, serves some 2.5 million households, and was developed using the latest technology. Although it has a classic structure: each unit consists of a steam generator with coal dust firing, DeNOx, electronic filters, a flue gas desulfurisation plant, steam turbines, saltwater cooling and auxiliaries. Thanks to the use of ultra-modern technology, the power plant is not only especially efficient but also the cleanest of its kind. 

ZPP verifications – to DIN standards

Since 2008, ZPP has been entrusted with inspecting the entire plant in terms of the structural engineering, including the boiler support structures. Moreover, it verifies the load-bearing and structural elements of the water channels, absorbers, silos, tank farm and other concrete-and-steel sections of the plant. Assuring the ultimate quality is maintained: The verifications comply with German industrial standards and regulations (as per the Experts Decree attached to German Building Regulations) and factor in specific Dutch norms, too.

A component in modern power supplies

The Eemshaven power plant will start feeding into the grid in 2015 and its cost-effectiveness and flexibility go to prove that the technology used (Besnon boilers) ensures the plant can be ramped up or shut down extremely quickly, and the co-combustion of biomass lowers CO2 emissions. Combined with wind and solar power, Eemshaven can thus become a key component for modern power supplies. ZPP created the structural requirements.

Picture source for the photos on this page: S. Kreklau/ZPP.de