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Lime shaft preheater

Consulting and structural planning for the support scaffold

The Belgian city of Hermalle, the processed lime stone is heated in a rotary furnace in order to produce lime. A lime shaft preheater is to be build in order to optimise the procedure. This way, the barrel rotary furnace can be trimmed by a certain length, which subsequently leads to energy savings. The preheater facility is going to be implemented into a steel scaffolding that is standing approx. 35 m high, with a 22 m diameter.

ZPP was commissioned by the ThyssenKrupp Industrial Solutions AG to handle the pre dimensioning, as well as the final, static calculation of the preheater tower, the silo, the conveyor systems and the transfer tower. Thereby, the static and dynamic (earthquakes) impacts for the location Hermalle were taken into consideration. The foundations for the steel constructions were measured and constructed with due regard to the ground survey.

The results of the static calculation were delivered as an auditable, static document, as well as a steel construction overviews and connection calculations.

Picture source: ThyssenKrupp Industrial Solutions AG
ThyssenKrupp Industrial Solutions AG
Period of service
2013 - 2016
Hermalle, Belgium
  • Planning