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Maintenance measure A 516

Project and structural planning for maintenance lot for junction Eisenheim - south of motorway junction Oberhausen

The federal motorway A 516 proceeds through the City of Oberhausen in the northern Ruhr area. As a so-called ”city motorway”, it mainly serves as a connection to the district Oberhausen-Sterkrade and the shopping and recreation centre Oberhausen-CentrO. The A 516 starts at the motorway junction Oberhausen and is subsequently transferred into the federal road B 223, north of the A 42. It therefore serves as a substantial north-south connection between the A2, respectively A 3 in the north and the A 42 in the south through the City of Oberhausen.

The planning segment on the A 516 extends from the 1.000th km of track, south of the motorway junction Oberhausen, up to the junction Oberhausen-Eisenheim. The track segment therefore comprises 4.073 km. The track is characterised by a narrow junction succession, a high number of engineering structures, densely adjacent residential development as well as industrial and commercial estates.

In the viewed planning segment, there is a total of two bridges on the A 516, whereas the Bottroper Straße, respectively Werthfeldstraße is going to be reinforced slightly, while the bridge over the Teutoburger Straße is replaced by a new construction with a length of approx. 125 m. The bridge consists of three-span superstructures, divided by traffic lanes. A new construction is planned as a composite superstructure.

Within the engineering association and with regard to the project planning of the traffic installations, ZPP was commissioned with the redevelopment of the superstructure, the equipment and the drainage facilities of the A 516, including the junctions. The planning services for the engineering structures include the project and structural planning for the demolition and new construction of the bridge over the Teutoburger Straße (BW 4407 623), the redevelopment of several engineering structures as well as the strengthening of the bridge over the Emschertalbahn and the demolition and new construction of approx. 6 km sound protection walls. ZPP was commissioned with the project planning in section 4 - traffic installations for the service phases 1-3 (basic evaluation, pre-planning, draft planning) and 6 (preparation of the contract awarding), according to HOAI (Official Scale of Fees for Services by Architects and Engineers). A further element of the commission is the SiGeKo (coordinator for safety and health matters) according to AHO issue no. 15.

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