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Hochschule Ruhr West

Structural verification for the new building of campus

The new Mülheim campus of the Hochschule Ruhr-West (HRW) is located at the Duisburger Straße and linked to all transportation systems. The campus consists of four department buildings, the library, the lecture hall centre and the student cafeteria, a multi-storey car park as well as large-area outdoor facilities.

The appearance of the two- to six-storey buildings is affected by brick façades and large-scale windows arranged in horizontal lines with shade blinds. Inside, walls and floors made of fair-faced concrete establish the desired effect of a workshop, which is livened up by coloured furnishings. Flexible ground-plans for the department buildings allow use by different chairs and departments.

Overall, eight construction fields are being executed. The four department buildings make up for ca. 35.000 m² total gross area. In addition, the buildings of the library, the student cafeteria and the lecture hall centre add up to 11.900 m² total gross area. The building operation is complemented with a multi-storey car park with 14.300 m² total gross area. The department buildings will be realised as three- to five-storey buildings in concrete construction. The library will be executed as a six-storey, the multi-storey car park as a four-storey building.

ZPP is acting, within an association of verification engineers, as a structural design verification engineer. The scope of services comprises, beside structural verification, random inspections of the execution of construction work on site.

Bau- und Liegenschaftsbetrieb NRW
Period of service
2012 - 2017
Mülheim, Germany
  • Verifying