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Assuming social responsibility is a key element of our corporate philosophy. We are therefore not only active in many trade organisations and research institutions, but are gladly committed to various social and charitable projects.


Building up knowledge, maintaining it and passing it on, this describes our declared aspiration. With regard to this, a wide web of knowledge is indispensable, which is why we enjoy to commit ourselves to countless organisations and federations. 


Down through the decades, our founders and managing partners have always had a firm “focus on the latest technology and the newest science” as a lived practice. The current ZPP management teach at various universities, maintaining close links to research in the process. And above all, in order to train highly qualified young engineers, to identify new masterminds as soon as possible, nurture these talents and honour their outstanding achievements with the Professor Zerna-Award.

ZPP has especially strong links as regards the exchange of knowledge and practical insights with Prof. Karsten Körkemeyer, who holds the Chair of “Construction Operations and Business” at the Dept. of Civil Engineering at TU Kaiserslautern.

Image source: RUB


Dipl.-Ing. Ümit Cankurtaran

  • Hochschule Mainz University of Applied Sciences - Structural Design

Dipl.-Ing. Martin Demmer

  • TU Dortmund University - Steel construction, design and engineering

Prof. Dipl.-Ing. Fritz Grübl

  • Hochschule für Technik Stuttgart (HFT) - Civil engineering, geotechnics / tunnelling

Dipl.-Ing. Rainer Jouaux

  • DHBW Mosbach - Module "special civil engineering and tunnelling", teaching unit tunnelling

Dipl.-Ing. Gudrun Karpa

  • FH Münster University of Applied Sciences - Planning and approval processes from the point of view of a planning office

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Simon Schaffrath

  • IU International University - Basics in Steel and Timber Construction
  • IU International University - Design im Steel and Timber Construction

Dipl.-Ing. Oliver Schreiber

  • Nuremberg Institute of Technology Georg-Simon-Ohm - Tunnelling, affiliated to the subject area geotechnics

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Ludger Speier

  • TU Kaiserslautern - Construction method technology of tunnelling 1 and 2
  • Bochum University of Applied Sciences - Tunnelling within loose rock


Prof. Dr.-Ing. Ludger Speier

  • advisory board in the special research area 837 of the German Research Foundation: „Interaction models for the mechanized tunnelling“ of Ruhr-University Bochum
  • advisory board of the department of civil engineering Münster University of Applied Sciences
  • advisory board of the „Institute of Underground Construction“ Münster University of Applied Sciences

Professor Zerna-Award

Our founder Prof. Wolfgang Zerna (1916 - 2005) not only gave his name to our company, but also emphatically shaped our philosophy. As a long-standing member of the Founding Senate of Ruhr-University Bochum and as the “first” construction engineer on the faculty back then he was dedicated to scientific research and support for construction engineering.

ZPP has continued the tradition he created. Firmly in keeping with the idea of a close linkage of science and practice, of the academic and corporate worlds we foster young, superbly talented engineers at the Ruhr University. Among other things, in the form of an annual scholarship.

Rewarding the best young engineers – since 2006
In honour and fond memory of Prof. Zerna since 2006 we have bestowed the annual Professor Zerna-Award at the Faculty of Construction and Environmental Engineering. It goes to the best Bachelor’s and Master’s projects, for the best intermediate diploma score, the best diploma, and the best Ph.D.

Ingenieure ohne Grenzen – Engineers Without Borders

Image source: Ingenieure ohne Grenzen e.V.

A matter very close to our hearts: our support for “Ingenieure ohne Grenzen e. V.” This noprofit organization helps people regardless of race, religion or outlook if emergencies or poverty mean they do not have access to basic infrastructure. The objective: to support people where technical cooperation is necessary and possible. Priority goes to providing basic infrastructure fast. The ZPP management and staff strongly and proactively support the work of the Bochum regional group.


Famous directors, famous actors – and a great theatre – the “Schauspielhaus Bochum” was founded in 1919 and has never looked back. Renowned nationwide, this impressive and important element of the city’s cultural life fosters Bochum’s image. We are more than happy to support this enriching civic institution.

The Association of Friends of Bochum Theatre is a committed patron of the theater’s work and young actors. ZPP enjoys being part of this and our Managing Partner Prof. Dr. Speier is a passionate member of the association – and its treasurer.

Business Partner of VFL Bochum (football club)

ZPP is a member of the large VFL family. For many years, we have been passionate supporters of the long-standing football club, providing both commitment and know-how.

We are not only one of the club’s business partners, but we are also involved in various construction projects at the rewirpowerSTADION, which is only ten minutes away from the ZPP head office: for example, most recently, we participated in the expansion of the Stadium Centre. We are pleased to be able to do our part toward ensuring that the club continues to play high-class football with heart.