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Our verification expertise


Security and quality assurance in construction technology, an important part of our daily work. Our long-standing special expertise are continuously expanded and adapted to new requirements and standards. So in the future, you can trust in the internationally recognized expertise of ZPP INGENIEURE in all kinds of structural verification: German Engineering at its best - based on the proven tradition of the German verification system.

SINCE 1973

Hazard prevention and quality assurance

ZPP INGENIEURE is accompanying projects of all kinds and sizes with its specialised know how. Whether on government orders or on behalf of the private sector. Several  officially recognised experts and building inspectors for complex verification services are committing themselves to secure structures, be it based on legal requirements or outside of procedures within Federal State Building Order.




  • Construction verifications on behalf of authorities and for the private sector
  • Verification services commissioned under private law not subject to building law procedures
  • Engineering services with an international focus in accordance with the tried and tested model of German construction verifications
  • Verification of structural stability
  • Verification of fire prevention measures
  • Verification  of sound and thermal protection
  • Verification  of construction drawings
  • Verification  and assessment of planning
  • Monitoring of construction work
  • Planning and construction quality assurance
  • Quality assurance e.g., through on-site welding engineers
  • Verification of the design planning
  • Geometric verification
  • Economic feasibility studies
  • Holistic verifications
  • Recalculation of existing road bridges (on the basis of the recalculation guideline)
  • Bridge inspection in accordance with DIN 1076 (visual inspections, general inspections, simple inspections, special inspections, documentation using bridge records)
  • Plan verification, examination of the interoperability and standardized assessment in transportation construction

Verifying Projects