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Temporary bridge

Building inspection in accordance with DIN 1076 for the temporary bridge over the Wesel-Datteln sewer

For the regional branch Niederrhein of the Landesbetrieb Straßenbau NRW, a building inspection in accordance with DIN 1076 is processed semi-annually for the temporary bridge of the type SS 80 over the Wesel-Dattel sewer (federal water roads) over the course of the L1 near Hünxe.

The temporary bridge, executed as a three-span system, is a bolted steel construction (SS 80 - bridge device) with a total length of approx. 84 m. Additionally, it is equipped with a side walk.

In total, ZPP was commissioned with six semi-annually inspections in the years 2015 until 2018. The first inspection ensued in the autumn of 2015. The inspections ensue by hand. In addition to the DIN 1076, the construction descriptions and instructions of the SS 80 bridge, in accordance with the handbook, are to be taken into consideration.

All screw connections of the bridge have to be inspected by hand. The inspection of the bridge underside ensues via an elevating platform on a pontoon, which is positioned by a push boat with consideration of the flowing ship traffic onto the Wesel-Dattel sewer. The topside inspection ensues during a half-sided traffic block under flowing street traffic.

Landesbetrieb Straßenbau NRW
Regionalniederlassung Niederrhein, Mönchengladbach
Period of service
2015 - 2018
Hünxe, Germany
  • Maintaining
  • Building inspection