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ZPP INGENIEURE provides the complete range of construction services in accordance with HOAI, the official German Fee Scale for Architects and Engineers, and across all service stages, from basic evaluation to surveillance of the completed structure. For a specific task or as the general planner. We help you with approval and tendering procedures just as we do with risk analyses and structural physics studies.

The interdisciplinary approach adopted by our teams of specialists and the high level of in-house expertise on materials provide a sound basis for highly-complex planning in extremely diverse fields.

The more complex things are, the better

For example in transportation and tunnel construction, land recycling, and mining. On complex assignments in particular, the strengths of our way of working comes to bear. The overview of selected projects and a list of essential services provide an initial impression of the wide range of activities that ZPP INGENIEURE offers.



All HOAI construction services in accordance with the basic service phases, including basic evaluation, preliminary planning, design planning, approval planning, construction planning, preparation of the tendering procedure, help with the awarding of the contract, project monitoring and supervision.

  • Project and structural planning
  • Optimisation of construction sequences and methods
  • Planning of construction stages and assembly conditions
  • Fire prevention concepts, fire prevention planning and simulation
  • Sound and thermal protection certification
  • Structural physics studies
  • Sustainable building concepts
  • Preparation and submission of construction documents
  • Preparation of bills of quantities and tender texts
  • Object documentations
  • Seismic calculations and designs (with creation of response spectrum)
  • Dynamic analyses
  • Geometric and physical non-linear calculations
  • Numeric simulations
  • Probabilistic calculation methods
  • Compatibility studies
  • Risk analyses and safety concepts
  • Geotechnical calculations including structural stability
  • Calculations of soil-structure interaction
  • Supporting pressure calculations

Other specialist services



  • Design planning
  • Approval procedures
  • Planning for the damming and abandoning of mine workings
  • Planning in active and abandoned mines
  • Development of retraction concepts
  • Project planning for underground disposal sites
  • Structural stability calculations and structural designs
  • Safety analyses
  • Hazard assessments

Land Recycling


  • Redevelopment planning
  • Master planning of land development
  • Planning of area redevelopments
  • Legal site planning (preparatory land use plan, legal zoning plan, land assessment)

Tunnel Construction

  • Planning of safety retrofits in accordance with the German Guidelines for the Equipment and Operation of Road Tunnels (RABT)

Transportation Construction

  • Demand planning
  • Planning of traffic management during construction
  • Preparation of instruction manuals and operating instructions for private railways
  • Operations planning procedures
  • Conceptual transport planning

Planning Projects