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Rebranding – ZERNA Planen und Prüfen GmbH

ZERNA Planen und Prüfen GmbH is now called ZPP Ingenieure GmbH. New name, the same established philosophy.

Over the course of our long-term corporate strategy, starting January 2016, we have changed our name and are now rebranded as ZPP Ingenieure GmbH. But aside from that, nothing changes, neither our proven core competencies within our 40-year tradition nor your personal contacts.

But we take the opportunity to establish the ZPP group in an even clearer and more coherent way while, at the same time, expanding our professional expertises: On the one hand, our subsidiary in Gelsenkirchen, ZERNA-SCHUTTE GmbH, is now rebranded as ZPP Hennig GmbH, while the Saxon-based Lauplan GmbH has already altered its complete appearance into the ZPP Lauplan. On the other hand, with the newly founded ZPP Breddermann GmbH, we are expanding on our professional expertises in the fields of refractory engineering and several aspects of chimney construction.

With the mutual brand name ZPP German Engineering, we will further on appear as a partner-like acting company group. Connected by a mutual philosophy and an interdisciplinary way of thinking and working – just the way you’re used to.

Please update your contact information!

ZPP Ingenieure GmbH
Beratende Ingenieure
Lise-Meitner-Allee 11
44801 Bochum
Tel.+49 234 92 04-0
Fax +49 234 92 04-1000
infono spam@zpp.de

Please adjust, along with the new company name, the e-mail adresses which all consistently end with “@zpp.de” (provided nothing was updated yet).

With the rebranding, there are no other changes.

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