6 TECHNICAL INSPECTION VERIFICATION Reliable optimal operation No matter what their business sector operators of both new and existing facilities have two things in common an obligation to ensure their facility stays up and running and a desire to improve its performance We help clients commission their installations including electrical fire protection or gas installations lifting devices lifts pressurised equipment radioactive equipment and sports facilities and then we re on hand in the operating phase to ensure performance measures up to expectations At the same time we constantly ensure that the safety of both people and assets remains optimal With over 360 000 inspections carried out annually by 1 400 professionals across 80 000 sites in France we rank among the national leaders in this field In industry we also deploy teams with cutting edge expertise and specialised know how such as non destructive testing Our experts guide manufacturing clients through their Industry 4 0 transformation helping secure their choices and investments as well as availability and reliability of their machinery interoperability of systems and installations and the man machine interface

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