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Our Expertise

Inspectors and experts

  • Certified expert for hygrothermal building physics
  • Comparable recognition as an expert for sound and thermal insulation
  • EBA inspector, tunnel construction
  • Expert for railways (non-federal railways)
  • State-approved expert for sound and thermal protection
  • Verification engineer for structural engineering - fields of metal and solid construction
  • WHG expert via VAwS

Specialist engineers

  • Accredited certifier for structural stability in accordance with art. 62 a par. 1 no. 1 of the BayBO (Bavarian building regulations)
  • Authorised for assessment of strucural stability in accordance with § 2 paragraph 1 NBVO
  • Authorised to provide proof for fire protection planning in accordance with § 66 paragraph 2 pg. 3 Brandenburg Building Code
  • Authorised to provide proof of thermal insulation in accordance with § 4 paragraph 4 Verification Authorised Persons Ordinance (NBVO)
  • Authorised to provide proof of sound insulation in accordance with § 4 paragraph 1 Verification Authorised Persons Ordinance (NBVO)
  • Authorised to submit building documents according to § 3 paragraph 4 of the Brandenburg Chamber of Engineers Act in conjunction with § 60 of the Brandenburg Building Code Act
  • Authorised to submit building documents in the VRI (infrastructure department)
  • BIM-Consultant of DB Station&Service AG
  • BIM Coordinator
  • BIM Designer
  • BIM Management
  • BIM Professional
  • BIM Ready Civil Master
  • Building inspector in accordance with DIN 1076
  • Building inspector in the field of structural engineering
  • Certified authorised canal recovery consultant
  • Certified planner for fire prevention
  • Certified planner in the field of heritage conservation
  • Certified ScrumMaster®
  • Construction supervisor railway superstructure / structural engineering
  • DGNB Consultant 
  • DGNB Registered Professional
  • Energy efficiency expert
  • Expert engineers for welding
  • Expert for sampling waste according to LAGA PN 98
  • Expert with authorisation to approve building documents, via LBO
  • Expertise for demolition, redevelopment and maintenance works with asbestos in accordance with TRGS 519, enclosure 3
  • Expert for works in the field of redevelopment of building pollutants in accordance with DGUV rule 101-004 appendix 6 B
  • Expert planner for the maintenance of concrete building components
  • Proficient planner for concrete maintaining (EIPOS)
  • Protecting, restoring, connecting and strengthening (SIVV) of concrete components
  • Specialist planner for preventive fire protection
  • Structural planner operating countrywide (Expert list)

Health & safety

  • Expert for radiation protection, expert group S 5
  • Health and safety coordinator
  • Health and safety coordinators for processes in contaminated areas in accordance with the DGUV rule 101-004
  • Occupational safety (SCC)
  • Radiation protection officer