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Pumped-storage Power Plant Rönkhausen

Structural planning for the support of the static and constructive revision

The pumped-storage power plant Rönkhausen offers a performance of 140 MW and is able to pattern the energy generation in thermal power plants in a more consistent way via storage of water. Additionally, the pumped-storage power plant is used to have control energy available in order to compensate for variations in the electric supply mains.

The two pumped-storage turbines are pumping 44.000 litres of water per second into the upper reservoir situated 300 m above. When the power consumption reaches peak values, the ninepinner is opened and water streams through the 900 m long pressure tunnel, directly onto the pump turbines. In less than 2 minutes, the generators reach their maximum performance.

With the revision 2012, the two pump turbines were built out for maintenance reasons. ZPP was commissioned with the companionship of this revision, with the structural planning with regard to the static and constructive point of view.

Picture source: ENERVIE - Südwestfalen Energie und Wasser AG / Mark-E AG
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