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Maasvlakte Power Plant 3

Structural verification of hydraulic structures

The new coal-fired power plant Maasvlakte Power Plant 3 (MPP3) is located in the port area of Rotterdam and is part of the convoy of the 1.100 MW coal-fired power plants to which the power plant Datteln, Block 4 that was likewise checked by ZPP is also a part of.

ZPP is commissioned with the structural verification of all buildings of the entire power plant, including the hydraulic structures. This inspection is carried out according to German standards and guidelines (according to SV-VO) as well as specific normative Dutch guidelines. The inspection includes the following hydraulic structures:

_Intake structure (UPC)
Bended and multi-reinforced sheet pile wall building with six intakes placed in front of the pump station

_Cooling water pump station (URD)
Solid construction with a length of 36 m, sporting a lead-in-area as wide as 23 m at the quay region (3 intake chambers)
construction foundation – 12 m below ground level on a subaqueous concrete floor with piled foundation

_Cooling water duct (UQZ)
Reinforced concrete construction (6.90 m wide and 3.75 m high) with a double-celled octagonal cross section and a total length of 500 m

_Water treatment facility (UGB)
Solid building mainly engineered by frame construction (58 m long, 40 m wide, 18 m high) and raft footing
3 chambers with a total capacity of approx. 1300 m³ for cooling water treatment

_Structure with overflow (UQJ)
Solid construction with a length of 36 m which is founded approx. 7 m below ground level necessary for the passing of the pressure water
cooling pipeline into a gravity pipeline

E.ON Benelux N. V.
Period of service
2008 - 2017
Maasvlakte, Netherlands
  • Verifying