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Waste water treatment facilities

Structural planning for the renewal of the facilities of the Cologne districts Esch, Pesch and Auweiler

The waste water-technical facilities of the Cologne districts Esch, Pesch and Auweiler were to be renewed. The existing facilities for the mechanical preliminary sedimentation of the waste water were strengthened constructionally and produced anew over the course of this measure.

From the existing rainwater retention basin in Pesch, a deep-situated sewer DN 1400 to DN 2800 was produced, over a length of approx. 1,9 km and via pipe jacking methodology. In the sewer trench, seven deep-situated specialist structures were erected, aside from the regularly mandated inspection shafts. Over the course of the sewer construction, inflow and connection bearings DN 600 to DN 2000 were implemented. Apart from that, a new pump plant was erected, which consecutively extracted the waste water running inside the gravity slope into pressure pipes.

The construction measure was characterised by the very deep location of the sewer and the shaft and special structures, as well as by the high pending ground water pressure.

ZPP was commissioned with the specialist planning in section 1 - Structural planning, service phases 1 to 6 (basic evaluation, pre-planning, draft planning, approval planning, execution planning, preparation of the contract awarding) in accordance with the Official Scale of Fees for Services by Architects and Engineers. A further component were the inventory and visual inspection of the waste water-technological facilities as well as the construction-accompanying consulting.

Stadtentwässerungsbetriebe Köln AöR
Period of service
2014 - 2016
Cologne, Germany
  • Planning