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Walkable sewers

Project planning for the redevelopment

StEB Köln AöR assigned ZPP with the planning of the repair measures of walkable sewers in the city districts Blumenberg, Chorweiler, Fühlingen, Seeberg and Volkhoven/Weiler. For this, a condition evaluation was to be processed, and a redevelopment planning was to be created. In total, the processing encompassed 182 sewer bearings with profile heights of 1200 mm to 2560 mm, respectively sewers on a length of 7,7 km.

Hereby, the ”engineer-based” condition evaluation held special meaning, as the following work steps would build upon its results. In the present case, an assessment and classification of the inspected sewers in accordance with ATV-M 149, respectively DWA-M-149-3 already ensued. The commissioned condition evaluation encompasses one more visual inspection and an assessment of the sewers (height of all of them > 1200 mm, therefore designated as large profile) under consideration of ”engineer-based” aspects. This partially lead to a diverging assessment, due to the fact that the mentioned rule books were originally inteded for sewers with smaller cross sections. For this reason, the damage classes that were determined with these rule books cannot be utilised for large profiles without limits.

The redevelopment measures encompassed, among other things:
_Connection repairs
_Crack injections and joint injections
_Concrete redevelopment
_Clinker works
_Reinforcement redevelopment

The services were rendered by ZPP in accordance with the Official Scale of Fees for Services by Architects and Engineers, project planning in section 3 - Civil engineering structures, service phases 1 to 8 (basic evaluation, pre-planning, draft planning, approval planning, execution planning, preparation of the contract awarding, participating in the contract awarding process, site management) including the construction supervision on site.

Stadtentwässerungsbetriebe Köln AöR
Period of service
2015 - 2017
Cologne, Germany
  • Planning