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Sewer system Emscher

Consulting pertaining to tunnelling, section from Bottrop to Oberhausen

In the context of renaturation of the Emscher and its tributaries the waste water of households, business and industrial areas – that is at present being discharged into the Emscher via the city sewage water system from the entire drainage basin – is to be led to sewage treatment plants through underground sewers. To achieve this, a central interceptor sewer is being built in which the branch sewers empty and which will cross the entire drainage basin of the Emscher. The main interceptor sewer will be 51 km long, leading from Dortmund-Deusen to the sewage treatment plant “Emschermündung” near Dinslaken.

The construction section no. 40 is marked by the creation of a approx. 10 km long section of this main interceptor sewer between the cities of Bottrop and Oberhausen. The two sewers with an inner diameter of 2600 mm each will be inserted mostly in rock (marl) as well as in depths of up to 40 m below ground level and lined with reinforced concrete tubbings.

Services provided:
_consulting for the client pertaining to tunnelling in the context of planning and tender
_development of additional technical terms of contract for the building project, determination of technical requirements for the tunnel
excavators and execution of tubbings

Picture source: Emschergenossenschaft
Period of service
2011 - 2013
Bottrop, Germany
  • Consulting