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Sewer pipe ”Perfect Pipe”

Development of the static analysis and the optimisation of the geometric cross section

The sewer pipe ”Perfect Pipe”, as developed by the concrete plant B. Müller GmbH, opens up new possibilities in the sewage canalisation and connects requirements for the static capacity and the for the endurance by a heightened, chemical attack with economic advantages concerning assembly, implementation and operation. By means of producing a long-standing connection of inliners made of polyethylene (PE) and pipes made of high-strength concrete via an economic manufacturing process, the essential requirements for the pipes concerning the sewage discharge are met.

Commissioned by the concrete plant B. Müller GmbH, ZPP supported with the development of the static analyses and the optimisation of the geometric cross section of this innovative pipe system. Due to the developed design of the pipe, not only were clear advantages reached during the laying of the pipes. The cross section is constructed in a way that allows the material to be utilised to its full potential, compared to conventional concrete pipes with foot. The Perfect pipe therefore reaches a high level of load capacity.

Picture source: B. Müller GmbH
Betonwerk B. Müller GmbH
Period of service
2011 - 2015
Achern, Germany
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