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Sewer construction

Evaluation of compatible corrosion-protection systems for sewage-technical facilities

Based on the clients demand for the life cycle of 100 years for the new, to be constructed sewage-technical facilities for the retrofitting of the Emscher system (among others, the new construction of an underground sewer network with a length of approx. 300 km), the Emschergenossenschaft initiated a research & development proposal, in order to test and evaluate the reliability of lining and protection systems that are utilised worldwide, compared to mechanical, physical and chemical impacts. Furthermore, known formulae for concrete with a raised acid resistance, especially with regard to their endurance against biogenic sulphuric acid corrosion, as well as with regard to optimising their processability on the construction site and in the precast element plants.

The goal of the evaluation proposal was to deduce, via observing the possible materials and protection systems for sewage-technical facility construction with help of integrally, project-specifically rehashed material evaluations and comparing juxtapositions, systems that, under due consideration of the partially strongly differing in their local, constructional and sewage-specific boundary conditions, as well as the basic premise of the sustainable and economic construction, are suited for the specialised operation.

The services were rendered within the scope of an engineering association alongside the MBF Institute in Berlin.

Period of service
2004 - 2006
Essen, Germany
  • Consulting
  • Research & Development