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Richard-Wagner Street

Project and structural planning of the sewer construction measure

The Federal City of Bonn assigned ZPP with processing the project and structural planning for the sewer new construction Richard-Wagner Street, Liszt Street, Endenicher Street. The planning area is situated inner-city in the western part of Bonn.

The trench of the mixed water main collector DN 2000, respectively Ei 1200/1800 is going to be connected to the inventory both in the height of the Wesendonck Street as well as in the Endenicher Street. Furthermore, a reduction sewer in the Humboldt Street is part of the planning. In total, approx. 500 m of walkable sewers are to be laid. The sewer will be laid in the Richard-Wagner Street and the Humboldt Street via cut-and-cover method. The installation in the Liszt Street and the crossing of the street Wittelsbacherring ensued via closed construction.

Planner-based challenges have been, aside from the many supply lines and, in part, very confined spatial conditions, the crossing of one district heating and one 110 kV power line each.

ZPP rendered the services in accordance with the Official Scale of Fees for Services by Architects and Engineers, project planning in section 3 - Civil engineering structures, service phases 1 to 8 (basic evaluation, pre-planning, draft planning, approval planning, execution planning, preparation of the contract awarding, participating in the contract awarding process, site management) and specialist planning in section 1 - Structural planning, service phases 1 to 3 (basic evaluation, pre-planning, draft planning). Futhermore, ZPP was commissioned with the pegging plans and the traffic concept.

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