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Duct works Geestemünder Street

Structural verification and calculations for the new building of main sewer and shaft structures

In Cologne-Niehl a main sewer with DN 3400 has been built during duct works in the Geestemünder Street using the pipe jacking technique. The jacking pipes were inserted via a double pressing pit into two approx. 1 km long driving sections.

The pits were secured with approx. 20 m long contiguous bored piling. It was possible to finish some connections under protection of sheet piling.

Aside from the pipe run 11 shaft structures have been executed using the tunnel element lowering method. Several drop structures and connections have been built in the cut-and-cover method using in-situ concrete.

The sewage pipes are covered with a layer of up to 14 m and, amongst other constructions, cross below the Ford plants at Geestemünder Street.

The structural verification provided by ZPP or the predecessor company, covered not only the formal proofs of the jacking pipes but also the structural calculations for all pits, shaft structures and connections as well as all construction stages and for the final state.

Stadtentwässerungsbetriebe Köln AöR
Period of service
2005 - 2008
Köln, Germany
  • Verifying