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Chemistry park Marl

Application of the BIM methodology for the reconstruction of the eastern water collector

The eastern rain collector in the chemistry park Marl is being fed by different inlets and flows through a barrage into the connected sewage treatment facility. Different structures overspan the aboveground rain collector, among them two one-track railway bridges and a bridge for the installation of measuring technology for the securing of the water quality.

Evonik commissioned ZPP Hennig GmbH, in cooperation with ZPP Ingenieure AG, to perform a feasibility study in order to verify the possibility of reaching the barrage in a case of average with emergency vehicles. For this, the production of the collector's navigability in the area of the western bridge was to be ensured during partial deconstruction of this structure. Under consideration of the complex boundary conditions it was decided that the new collector was to be produced as a trough structure via precast element construction.

The project was realised through application of the BIM working methodology. For that, a 3D model based on the laser scans of the measuring engineer was created by ZPP already in the beginning of the planning process. Aside from the integration of other specialist planning and model-based quantity determination, this also offers the option to coherently visualise variants and construction processes. Through the integration of the schedule-based reference, the model was supplemented by the fourth dimension within the planning process. The extent of the model's usability by the operator after completion of the construction measure was also the subject of considerations. Finally, the 3D model was utilised in order to create the required 2D planning documents.

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2016 - 2018
Marl, Germany
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