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Tunnel facilities

Redevelopment and retrofitting of the tunnel facilities within the scope of a research project

Within the scope of the research project ”required measures for the redevelopment and retrofitting of underground and city railway tunnel facilities in Germany” (BMVI-FE-no. 70.900/13), initiated by the Federal Ministry for Transport and Digital Infrastructure, the technical demand for required structure redevelopments is to be determined, including the utilisation of older equipments and institutions, as well as the therefore required adjustment measures for modern security-, access- and environment-standards.

For this, the status quo of the station and the tunnel in each of 3 track segments of the KVB and the BVG were captured, evaluated, followed by a demonstration of the resulting redevelopmental, replacing and adjusting measures.

As a subcontractor for the STUVAtec, ZPP processes the constructional portion of the research project. Basis is a simplified building inspection for selected tunnel segments, whose execution and evaluation are guided by the ”guideline for the consistent detection, rating, capturing and evaluation of results from the building inspections according to DIN 1076 (RI-EBW-PRÜF)”.

Studiengesellschaft für unterirdische Verkehrsanlagen GmbH (STUVAtec) / BMVI
Period of service
2014 - 2016
Berlin & Cologne, Germany
  • Maintaining
  • Research & Development
  • Building inspection