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Station ”Admiralteiskaja”

Development of a calculation theory for transverse shaft machines

In December 2011, the new metro station “ADELGJ” was opened in St. Petersburg. The new station is, with its 102 m, the deepest underground-situated metro station of the city – and also one of the deepest in the whole world. The underground station was already established in 1997, but due to there not being any exits to the outside, the trains just passed by without stopping.

Through the construction of a transverse shaft, the station was connected with the surface. Due to the inner-city location and the connected, high requirements for low subsidence, as well as elevations, this was the first time in the whole world that Herrenknecht utilised a transverse shaft machine with a tilt of 30°. The support of the working face was processed thereby for the tube with a length of 140 m (diameter 10,7 m), with use of a ground pressure shield (EPB).

For the calculation of the required support pressure on the working face, ZPP or the predecessor company, in cooperation with Prof. Dr.-Ing. M. Thewes, developed a new calculation method for transverse shaft machines, based on the current theory for horizontal shield machines. With the help of this theory, the calculation of the required support pressure alongside the tube (length 140 m) was processed, with the special boundary condition that the initially low overburden is rising quickly due to the tilt.

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