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Sluiskil tunnel

Project and structural planning for the cross-cut structures and tubbing tubes

Through an extension of the already existing Westerschelde tunnel, the current swing bridge leading over the sewer van Gent over the course of the N61 is to be replaced by a steadily passable street tunnel in the area of the location Sluiskil, the Sluiskil tunnel, due to the recurring, frequent off-times for the street traffic.

The planned tunnel consists of two separated tunnel tubes that are to be created via the tubbing construction method in shield driving (approx. 1.150 m). The deepest point lies 33 m underneath the sea level. With each of the connecting ramp structures (via cut-and-cover method), the final result concerning the total length of the project amounts to approx. 1.600 m.

The tubbing tubes are connected with each other via 3 cross-cuts. The cross-cuts are driven against in the protection of a glaciation via mining construction method and receive an inner shell made of in-situ concrete. Water pressures up to approx. 3,6 bar are anticipated.

ZPP supported the client in the tender phase (preliminary draft, draft, pre-dimensioning, preparation of the calculation) with the planning of the cross-cut structures for all production phases and subsequently during the execution phase (approval and execution planning) with the structural planning of the tubbing tubes, as well as for all production phases. For the determination of the scheduled incendiary strain, specific simulation systems were developed, while respective calculations were processed.

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Sluiskil, Netherlands
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