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Supplement for the feasibility study

In order to enable a motorway-like traffic on the route Sonnborner Kreuz - Velbert - Essen-South (junction Essen-Bergerhausen), an expansion of the federal road B 228 in the area of the Ruhrallee Essen is required. Since completion of the four-lane new construction segment of the B 227 between Velbert-North and Essen-Dilldorf in 2005, the B 227 is passable motorway-like up to Essen-Heisingen. In order to relieve the citizens in relation to inferences by pollutants or noise, the Ruhrallee and a part of the Wuppertaler Street are to be led in a tunnel. This construction segment is described as ”Ruhralletunnel” and includes the area between the Sartorius Street in the south and the junction to the A 52 Essen-Bergerhausen in the north.

In order to realise the project, the Landesbetrieb Straßenbau NRW, planning and construction centre Ruhr has to process a line determination method. Thereby, three trench line variants (variants I, IA, II) were developed and rated within the frame of a feasibility study, while including the tunnelling-focused and economical aspects.

On this basis, the variable I at hand was further optimised within the frame of the variant supplement. For the newer variant IB, admittedly, the trench line of variant I was used, but the starting and destination point of the variant II, along with a similar repository were chosen. With the aid of this trench line optimisation, a direct comparison of the costs between the new variant IB and the existing variant II could be established.

ZPP or the predecessor company was commissioned with the project planning in section 3 - civil engineering structures and in section 4 - traffic installations, as well as the specialist planning in section 1 - structural planning, each for the service phases 1 and 2 (basic evaluation and pre-planning) according to HOAI (Official Scale of Fees for Services by Architects and Engineers). Apart from the feasibility study, the tunnelling-focused consultancy was also part of the service.

Landesbetrieb Straßenbau NRW
Period of service
2010 - 2011
Essen, Germany
  • Consulting
  • Verifying