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Liefkenshoek Spoor Tunnel

Expert statement for the planned execution and production of the cross-cuts

With the underpassing of the Schelde in the harbour area of the City of Antwerpen, a new tunnel for cargo trains is created, as a considerable increase of rail-bound freight traffic is expected for the future. The transport routes of the freight trains are lowered by approx. 22 km due to the tunnel new construction.

The construction of the railway tunnel encompasses the production of two one-track tunnel tubes via shield driving. Alongside the approx. 6 km long tunnel tubes with a diameter of 7,30 m, 13 cross-cuts and 8 connections to emergency shafts are aligned. The cross-cuts are produced in protection of a glaciation in intervals of approx. 500 m.

ZPP or the predecessor company, created an expert statement for the planned execution and production of the cross-cuts. Hereby, the focus lied on the situation concerning sealing and connection for the tunnel constructional consulting.

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