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Interceptor Tunnel Višnjica

Static analysis for the shield construction TB 485 H-GS/EPB for the project BEOLAND

Component of the project BEOLAND is the Višnjica tunnel, the last segment of the main collector of the Belgrader canalisation system. ZPP or the predecessor company was commissioned with the creation of a verifiable static for the shield construction TB 485 H-GS/EPB, which was to be utilised during the construction of the tunnel.

For this, the design loads concerning the ground and water pressure needing to be set had to be detected based on the specifications of the ground expert report at hand, whereas the proportions alongside the complete to be driven against track had to be taken into consideration.

The ground pressure analysis (Plaxis) was processed at several points on the tunnel track, enabling the determination of the enveloping loading case combinations while considering the water pressure and the burdens that were attacking within the machine. The same went for the bedding of the shield construction in the ground.

The actual calculation was processed with the help of a 3D model and criteria that were based on the norm format of the building industry. The applied solidity analyses monitored permissible voltages, while the usability analyses monitored the permissible deformations.

The derivation of the loading case combinations and the model-technical description were, as well as all results, interpretations and suggestions, depicted in a summarising manner via verifiable reports in German and English language.

Aker Wirth GmbH
Period of service
2008 - 2009
Belgrad, Serbia
  • Planning