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Service platform for supervision and prognosis of geotechnical engineering structures

Complex building measures in the field of geotechnical engineering require, due to their model insecurities, a steady, construction-accompanying supervision, the adjustment of the prognostical calculations for the actual system behaviour as confirmed by measurements, as well as the situational controlling of the building method. Requirements that have not been fulfilled as of today. With GeoTechControl, an innovative monitoring and prognosis system is being created, decisively increasing the security and profitability with the execution of demanding, geotechnical building measures via realisation of a continuous, synchronised cycle of construction and monitoring.

The utilisation of Web 2.0 technologies in this cycle allowed for the continuous implementation of semi-automatic system identification, thereby closing an information gap between the sensor data and their engineer-wise interpretation. Continuously captured sensor data are construction-accompanyingly utilised via a simulation- and knowledge-based adjustment of the ground-mechanical models in order to identify the actual system behaviour. The process-controlled parallel evaluation of several model candidates with the aid of computational and informational resources is supposed to cut down on the length of the analysis. The hitherto-impossible, prompt back coupling between measuring and prognosis allows for a targeted and timely engineer-wise cause diagnosis for occurring differences between targeted and actual values. The improvement for the prognosis calculation, achieved on this basis, allows both for the deduction of reliable control parameters for automated, mechanical construction methods, as well as profound decisions concerning correction measures for manual construction methods. Therefore, GeoTechControl contributes to the minimisation of risks for geotechnical large-scale projects.

Further partners of the KMU-innovativ alliance-project:
FIDES DV-Partner GmbH, ELE Beratende Ingenieure GmbH, TU Dresden (Institut für Bauinformatik und Institut für Geotechnik)

Bundesministerium für Bildung und Forschung
Period of service
2010 - 2014
Berlin, Germany
  • Consulting
  • Research & Development