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Förbifart Stockholm (SE)

Static predimensioning of the interior finish of the tunnels ”Norra Lovö” and ”Södra Lovö”

The bypass Förbifart in Stockholm is the biggest traffic project of the region and will bear a great meaning for the traffic situation in the capital.

The northern and southern part of the greater region of Stockholm, as well as further parts of the city are connected with each other via the 21 km long Förbifart, thereby making up the new route of the motorway E 4. Thereof, 18 km will proceed in underground tunnels, which are meant to protect the environment, the citizens and the culture of the city.

ZPP was commissioned with the static predimensioning of the interior finish (ceiling system / walls and sub ceilings, as well as the respective junctions, connections and anchorages) for the planned tunnel structures FSE 302 ”Bergtunnlar Norra Lovö” and FSE 308 ”Bergtunnlar Södra Lovö”.

The tunnels are driven against in stable solid rock and are lined with precast reinforced concrete element walls and, in the ridge, by means of a shotcrete bowl.

ZPP subsequently supported the Porr Deutschland GmbH with the preparation of an offer.

Porr Deutschland GmbH
Period of service
2015 - 2016
Stockholm, Sweden
  • Planning