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Urban Railway Düsseldorf 'Wehrhahn-Line'

IT-Service and utilisation of INTERPROJECT

In the city centre of Düsseldorf the public rail transportation network is being expanded, and the surroundings receive an upgrade by the underground route of the rail bound trains. For this, new construction of an approx. 3.400 m long city railway line with 6 underground stations and 2 stations above ground in the inner-city area take place.

The project information and management system INTERPROJECT, developed by ZPP, is used to forward information target-oriented and timely as well as to support the communication process. INTERPROJECT has been implemented into the newly developed IT-infrastructure of the engineering community.

Creation of a flexible database concept to realise an active plan management, which refers to the plan process, plan lists, repro costs and the handling and replying of all correspondence. Access is gained through a graphic navigator. Data is protected by an extensive security concept.

Chart: Amt für Kommunikation der Stadt Düsseldorf
Ingenieurgemeinschaft Wehrhahn-Linie
Period of service
since 2000
Düsseldorf, Germany
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