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Stuttgart 21

Client support and design review

ZPP as a partner of a working-group, is commissioned with the perception of client functions regarding design review, plan handling management and the positioning in authorised approval of building documents in batch 1 of the large-scale project “Stuttgart 21” (PFA 1.1 to PFA 1.6b).

Technical details concerning the project “Stuttgart 21”:
_total track length: 57 km
_of which high speed tracks: 30 km
_of which tunnels and cuttings: 33 km
_maximum speed: 250 km/h
_tunnels and cuttings: 16
_bridges: 8
_stations: 4 (3 passenger railway stations, 1 siding station)

Essential participants involved in the project: Federal Railway Authority, clients DB Netz AG, DB Energie AG, DB Projekt Stuttgart-Ulm GmbH, Regional Council Stuttgart, City of Stuttgart, EnBW, Regional Bank BW

The task in verifying plans involves verification of execution documents regarding conformity to regulations, observation of the interfaces to other trades and other award units as well as the observation of planning permission. This applies for all trades I, O, H. Moreover, ZPP has provided on behalf of the federal railway authority according to VVBAU for a person with authorisation to present building documents. The person authorised to present building documents gives final approval for construction.
The until 2014 used document handling management was conducted with the help of the project information and management system INTERPROJECT developed by ZPP. After the development of verification runs and their transfer in the project information and management system, the service includes besides the coordination, the monitoring with regard to the schedule and the transport of documents to be verified to the persons responsible for verification at DB Netz AG and the independent verification engineers for the structural verification.

Picture source: Bahnprojekt Stuttgart - Ulm
DB Projekt Stuttgart-Ulm GmbH
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