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Platform incl. roofing

3D modelling and visualisation for marketing at Hering Bau GmbH

From the 20th to 23rd of September 2016, the international passenger and freight traffic industry will meet at the InnoTrans in Berlin. For the fair presentation of Hering Bau, ZPP planned the implementation of a platform including the roofing under utilisation of the system and precast element solutions by Hering Bau GmbH in BIM.

The task encompassed the platform modelling via modula® platform plates and the modelling of the platform roof as a modified variant of the roof type Bodenheim. The exemplary planning was designed based on the plans for the basic maintenance and renewal of the main railway station Hanover. Connections to the railway station inventory were included into the modelling.

In the course of the project, numerous visualisation for the fair presentation of Hering Bau GmbH were created, among those renderings, VR panoramas, 3D PDFs and video flights through the virtual railway station.

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