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Power Plant Eemshaven

Structural verification of entire plant

RWE AG’s new hard coal power plant Eemshaven is located in the Dutch province Groningen on the western shore of the mouth of the Ems, across from the German city of Emden.

The location Eemshaven has numerous advantages and good logistic conditions. The power plant can be supplied with its main fuel hard coal via the seaport. Other materials such as lime stone powder for the exhaust gas desulphurisation or the power plant ash can be transported environmentally friendly on the river Ems. Cooling with sea water allows for a very high degree of effectiveness.

The double block unit with an overall performance of 1.600 MW will be executed conventionally: consisting of a pulverised fuel boiler, DENOX, electric filter, exhaust gas desulphurisation system, steam turbine, sea water cooling and secondary structures.

ZPP is commissioned with structural verification of all buildings of the entire complex including the boiler house framework. Structural verification of ducts, absorbers, silo containers, large tanks and other components made from concrete and steel. The verification is done on the basis of German standards and rules (according to SV-VO: German expert regulation ) and taking into account specific Dutch standards.

Picture source: S. Kreklau/ZPP.de
RWE Technology GmbH
Period of service
2008 - 2017
Eemshaven, Netherlands
  • Verifying