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Maasvlakte Power Plant 3

Structural verification for the entire complex

The new coal-fired power plant Maasvlakte Power Plant 3 (MPP3) is located in the port area of Rotterdam and is part of the convoy of the 1.100 MW coal-fired power plants of which also the power plant Datteln, Block 4 that was likewise verified by ZPP is a part.

ZPP is commissioned with the structural verification of all buildings of the entire power plant including the boiler framing. In addition, also the channels, absorbers, silo containers, large tanks and other plant elements made of reinforced concrete and steel were verified.
This checking is carried out according to German standards and guidelines (according to SV-VO) as well as specific normative Dutch guidelines.

Particularly worthy of emphasis is the jointless foundation slab of “Power Island”, on which all the main buildings, such as the boiler house [UHA], turbine building [UMA], stair case towers [UMT and UHT] and unit control room building [UCA] are founded. The base slab is approximately 137 m x 108 m large, with a thickness of concrete ranging from 2,0 m to 4,0 m and a cubic volume of approximately 27.000 m³ of concrete. The structural loads of the buildings and the foundation slab rest on a total of 526 large drilled piles.

Picture source: E.ON Benelux N. V.
E.ON Benelux N. V.
Period of service
2008 - 2017
Maasvlakte, Netherlands
  • Verifying