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Combined Cycle Plant Berlin Lichterfelde

Structural verification of the new building of the power plant

The co generation plant Lichterfelde has been providing the south-west of Berlin with electricity and heat. After over forty years and despite regular modernisations, the construction does not conform to today’s standards and state of art. Therefore, Vattenfall will replace the existing co generation plant with a modern, more efficient and climate-friendly combined cycle plant with approximately 230 MW thermic and roughly 300 MW electric capacity. The additionally planned hot water generators are supposed to ensure the peak demand for the district heating supply.

ZPP is commissioned with the structural verification (structural design verification engineer: Dr.-Ing. Dieter Lehnen) of the complete new building measure, as well as the required building conversions at the existing cooling tower buildings. Apart from the static and constructive verification of the structural stability, our performance area includes supervising the execution of construction work by means of random sampling on-site.

Picture source: Vattenfall Europe Wärme AG
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