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Shaft Asse 2

Assessment of current state

The project ”Shaft Asse 2, assessment of current state” was established to evaluate the serviceability and stability of the over 100 years old shaft Asse 2 and the shaft-landings on the 490-m and the 750-m level. The inspection results according shaft and shaft-landings culminated in a report, on one hand including an evaluation system to assess the current state and on the other hand showing the necessary rehabilitation needs and priorities of individual measure estimates. The project was conducted in collaboration with a court appointed expert.

Services ZPP:
_Review of the existing documentation for the shaft-lining
_Survey of the current state of the shaft Asse 2 from the ground surface to the shaft sump
_Survey of the current state of the shaft-landings at the 490-m and 750-m level and neighboured rooms
_Compilation of reports due to inspections of shaft and shaft-landings
_Compilation of an expert report including an evaluation of the state of the shaft-lining and the shaft-landings with verification of the necessary
_Creation of a photo documentation

left picture: Wusel007 - licenced under Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 / right picture: ZPP
Period of service
2013 - 2014
Remlingen, Germany
  • Expert Reporting
  • Maintaining