Consulting and planning for the construction of a deep repository of radioactive waste

ZPP supported the National Cooperative for the Disposal of Radioactive Waste (Nagra) in Switzerland in cooperation with a Swiss partner in projecting underground facilities within site selection according to the sectoral plan for deep geological repositories phase 2.

Switzerland's waste management programme intends a repository of radioactive waste in clay stone. For achieving this, Nagra developed the design for the construction, operation and long-term secured closure of a deep geological repository in the context of the Swiss deep geological repository concept. In the cooperation mentioned above, ZPP further developed the existing ideas and plannings, verified its implementation possibilities and supported the evaluation and selection of potential locations in Switzerland. This process generated thoroughly planned project concepts, which fulfil necessary basic conditions of construction and operation, as well as the requirements of radiation protection during the storage. However, the primary goal was to guarantee the protection of humans and environment throughout the post-operational period.

Range of services:
_generic design of deep geological repositories
ramp, shafts, operating rooms, large disposal caverns, underground disposal tunnels etc.
_establishing of the realisation programme
construction, reposition, extension, monitoring, closure
_construction and maintenance concept
construction management, construction method, maintenance and upkeep, retraction and closure, construction schedule
_description of surface facilities
infrastructure and establishment of pit head buildings
_elucidation concerning operational institutions and devices
collocation, description, function, collaboration, design
_depiction of significant operating procedures'
elucidation based on texts and drawings, schedules, collaboration, general pit operation, pre-investigation, storage, rest cavern
backfilling, fire prevention, radiation protection, proliferation, sabotage
_compilation of characteristic parameters
required space, facility elements, personnel requirements, (for every operation stage) costs (construction, maintenance, operation,
closure, mine drainage)

Nagra - National Cooperative for the Disposal of Radioactive Waste
Period of service
2010 - 2015
Wettingen, Switzerland
  • Consulting
  • Planning