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Multi-barrier system for final repositories

Examination of the interaction between geological and structural barriers

Within the frame of the research proposal, the interaction of single barriers in a multi-barrier system for a deep-situated repository was investigated. The considerations encompassed the geological formations ”Salinar”, ”Argilite” and ”Other Host Rocks under Clay Cover”. The operations started with a depiction of the current state of science and technique.

For the assessment of single barriers, indicators were formulated, then tested with real repository projects, requirements that can be deduced from currently utilised security criteria could be inspected with help of the indicators with regard to their satisfiability. For example, the required thickness of an argilite barrier or the required, hydraulic resistance of a shaft deal system are mentioned.

In the results, on one hand, remaining, small deficits for the ongoing processed and a low research demand were highlighted. On the other hand, the examinations have shown, with regard to the examined sizes, that the requirements for the geological relations can be satisfied by real locations, while the required, structural measures can be realised.

The service provision was processed via an engineering association with the Colenco Power Engineering AG (now: AF-Consult Switzerland AG).

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2004 - 2008
Salzgitter, Germany
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