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Engineering services Asse

Lot mining, rock mechanics, shaft construction

Since 2012, ZPP supports the Asse GmbH with the creation of structural and mining technical execution plannings in preparation of (special) operation plans, as well as approval procedures, work clearances and executions. The tasks involve, among others:
_planning of the support of media lines (fresh air, mixing fluid, concrete, etc.),
_planning of head protection facilities
_planning of the anchorage of injection yokes and
_planning of the retaining (formwork, dams) of backfillings.

Services ZPP (among others):
_retaining for the heading road to the west 637 m level
_retaining for a partial area of the heading road to the east „RH-700-20“
_retaining for the chamber 3/750
_retaining for the southern entries of the chambers 2 and 3 (Na2)
_retaining for the crosscut to the blind shaft 2
_retainings for the drillings in the deep exposure between the 850 m and 800 m level
_retainings for the area between 850 m and 800 m level

_structural stability analysis and construction plan for a bumper guard (ZLM bumper guard B1-658)
_structural stability analysis for the platform above shaft Asse 1

_verification of the structural stability analysis for the drilling machine relocation within the scope of the fact-finding (exploration of chamber 7/750)
_verification of the structural calculation of a water basin within the scope of the expansion of the solution management

_creation of an analysis for the traction capacity during slack line cruise within the scope of the rope exchange (shaft Asse 2)

Period of service
2012 - 2018
Remlingen, Germany
  • Planning
  • Verifying