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Bockraden shaft

Water retaining dams

Two high-pressure water dams constructed in the 1970s (in-situ water column up to 300 m) and consisting of concrete separate the already abandoned western panel from the still active eastern panel. Meanwhile, the already initiated extraction of hard coal in the ”Beustfeld” yields to ground movement, leading to the loss of serviceability concerning the existing dams. Therefore, two new dams were constructed, and their specialised structure separates the structural behaviour (abutments made of concrete) from the sealing behaviour (sealing element made of bentonite with built-in filter layers based on sand).

Services ZPP:

_selection of the sealing procedure (separation of static and sealing behaviour)
_selection of the sealing material (bentonite)
_programming of the required swelling law for the bentonite
_determination of the load cases (swelling pressure, water pressure, mining pressure)
_structure draft including structural design
_design planning
_rock-mechanical dimensioning
_structural analysis under the anticipated ground movements
_serviceability analysis under the anticipated ground movements
_conclusive evaluation of the safety level
_collaboration on the execution planning
_representation of the own services towards the district authority

_Dr.-Ing. Michael Clostermann, Markscheiderisch-Geotechnisches Consulting (MGC)

Left photo: on site infrastructure; Right photo: blowing in of bentonite, resp. sand
RAG Anthrazit Ibbenbüren GmbH
Period of service
2012 - 2014
Ibbenbüren, Germany
  • Consulting
  • Planning