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Landmark „über(n)ort“

Project and structural planning for the redesign of the slagheap Lothringen

The artistic structure “über(n)ort” consists of 23 pillars from steel hollow sections, arranged in an axis, connected by ledger transoms made of steel hollow sections. For the absorption of the thermal elongations, the ledger construction is interrupted, once 50 cm before and then after the supports via elongation joints. The axial distance of the supports measures 10,00 m, the longitudinal axis of the artistic structure proceeds from west to east.

The attachment of the transoms was applied in a way that supported the impression of a cohesive, exactly vertical belt. The distance from the transom to the tip surface varies due to the irregular morphology of the tip surface. The height of the single supports varies in longitudinal direction from the artistic structure “über(n)ort”. It is dependent on the terrain morphology and the conception of the structure, where the goal was to reach a rising height of the supports over the ledger transoms leading to the eastern direction. The foundation of the supports was processed through isolated footings that feed their burdens into the construction ground through crimp-piles.

The lighting bodies built and installed into the ledger transoms were built in and installed in a profile as a continuous light band via LED lights in SMD technology.

The commissioned service included the project planning in section 3 – civil engineering structures, service phases 1 to 9 (basic evaluation, pre-planning, draft planning, approval planning, execution planning, preparation of the contract awarding, participating in the contract awarding process, site management, project supervision/support) and specialist planning in section 1 – structural planning, service phases 2 to 5 (pre-planning, draft planning, approval planning, execution planning) according to HOAI (Official Scale of Fees for Services by Architects and Engineers).

EGR Entwicklungsgesellschaft Ruhr-Bochum mbH
Period of service
2001 - 2004
Bochum, Germany
  • Planning