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Gewerbliche Mitte Blumenthal

Area rehabilitation planning

In September 2004, within the scope of the conclusive operational plan procedure for the area of the former shaft facility and cokery General Blumenthal 1/2/6, the redevelopment plan was approved by the Mining Office Recklinghausen.

Due to, on one hand, a change in the marketing strategy for the former pit area, and on the other hand, a technical concept for the conditioning for the area was pursued albeit not being part of the then redevelopment plan, an additional statement concerning the upcoming redevelopment plan from 2004 had to be worked out in order to enable a final, conclusive assessment and approvability.

Within the scope of variant surveys, ZPP rendered the following services:
_Development of variants for the building availability
_Highlighting possibilities in the field of disposal and utilisation of the ground materials
_Mass inquiries
_Cost estimation
_Recommendations for the quality assurance

The creation of the additional statement for the approved redevelopment plan encompassed the following services:
_Depiction of furthering redevelopmental measures
_Description of the constructional measures
_Accompanying examinations
_Recommendations for further measures
_Mass inquiries
_Cost estimation
_Graphical depiction

Stadt Recklinghausen
Period of service
2011 - 2012
Recklinghausen, Germany
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