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BioMedizinPark Bochum

Reactivation of an area with the size of 55.000 m², to the west of Ruhr-University, Bochum

On an area to the west of the Ruhr-University Bochum, the new competence centre for biomedicine, medical engineering and biotechnology, along with offices, laboratories and manufacturing facilities was created. The draft of town planning allowed for a quarter development on five construction fields, developed in a loop-like mannered one-way street system.

The beginnings of the coal mining lead back to the 18th century with regard to the BioMedizinPark. Up to the 1960s, a wholesome and day-imminent mining up to the carbon surface, and therefore up to the day surface. An endangerment of the structural stability of the planned measures, attributable to the day-imminent mine workings and cavities driven by underground means.

For this reason, the cavities driven by underground means were prematurely explored up to 30 m under the existing area all-terrain top edge and subsequently backfilled, respectively crimped.

The existing original terrain was characterised by a morphology consistently sloping to the west, south and east. The planned terrain was characterised by its five tableaus with a horizontal surface, which either cut into the terrain or protruded it. In order to process the plateau-esque quarter creation, 290.000 m³ of ground had to be moved. The height differences to the existing terrain were intercepted with gabion walls of sizes up to 3 m.

The planning of the cut and fill horizons and the new all-terrain top edge was processed with digital terrain models (German: “Digitale Geländemodelle”, DGM).

In the course of the street and sewer construction, approx. 15.000 m² of circulation area were created and approx. 1.700 m of slop and rainwater sewers were laid. Furthermore, a water conduit DN 400 and a 10 kV line had to be moved.

The commissioned service included the project controlling for the service phases of sections 2 to 5, including all ranges of action, according to the offered services of the AHO.

WirtschaftsEntwicklungsGesellschaft Bochum mbH
Period of service
2004 - 2012
Bochum, Germany
  • Project Controlling