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Steel mill ArcelorMittal Bremen

Project and structural planning for the extension of the crane way 607 in the casting shop

The ArcelorMittal Bremen GmbH is part of the world's largest steel group, the ArcelorMittal-group.

The casting shop of the steel mill is equipped with the foundry crane at a height of +26 m (weight: 700 tons, lifting load: 440 +80 tons) for the supply of pig iron. The existing foundry crane 607 is going to be replaced by a new crane 6007. To prevent any disturbances of the production site, the existing crane way has been extended outside the hall. The gable wall was opened by the crane dimensions (ca. 28 x 20 m), and equipped with a hall gate. It was possible to install the new crane in the newly established parking position.

ZPP was commissioned with the project planning in section 3 - civil engineering structures for the service phases 2-5 (pre-planning, draft planning, approval planning and execution planning) as well as in the specialist planning in section 1 - structural planning for the service phases 2-6 (pre-planning, draft planning, approval planning, execution planning and preparation of the contract awarding) according to HOAI (Official Scale of Fees for Services by Architects and Engineers). We handled the engineering for the project planning, structural planning and detailed drawings of the steel structure (wall modification and gate design, crane way girders with supports and stairs, bumpers with removal device) and the foundations.

The foundations were made on the basis of the surviving components while - especially in the railway area - the production was running (900-ton torpedo wagon). Subject to the existing boundary condition of the pipework above ground level and existing foundations, the new foundations were deeply founded with large bored piles, and the steel structure integrated into the existing components. The fitting work in the rail track area was planned as far as the scope of work included this. The most important boundary condition was hereby to prevent any interruption of ongoing production by the redevelopment measure.

ArcelorMittal Bremen GmbH
Period of service
2012 - 2014
Bremen, Germany
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