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Refuse incinerator plant Weisweiler

Structural verification for the alteration of the flue gas purification plant

At the refuse incinerator plant Weisweiler the flue gas purification plant was altered. The purification was changed from wet- to dry cleaning. Within the scope of this measure various changes regarding the building construction became necessary.

Loads from additional plant parts are applied to the building. New operator's platforms are required for maintenance purpose. Due to a changed guide way of the flue gas pipe the point of load application and the load size change.

For assembly shoring braces had to be deconstructed so that the construction could be inspected with regard to the condition during construction work.

In a first step, the flue gas purification of line No. 1 was altered.

ZPP was commissioned with the static-constructive verification and the site supervision.

Picture source: MVA Weisweiler
MVA Weisweiler GmbH & Co. KG
Period of service
2010 - 2012
Weisweiler, Germany
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