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Oman Industrial Complex

Structural verification of a silo complex

Examinations at the erected silo facility on the industrial terrain of the operator VALE, Pelletising Plant in the coastal city Sohar in the Sultanate of Oman have resulted in findings of damages on the silo containers 1 to 5.

It was to be clarified, what causes there are for the assessed damages and which counter-respectively security-measures were to be taken in order to avoid further damages, respectively in order to guarantee the permanent structural and operating stability of the facility.

ZPP was commissioned with the verification of the static documents, as well as the associated constructional drawings by the Polysius AG. A finite element model of the silo structure was created, with input of all loading situations. One important focus were the impacts of eccentric depletion according to DIN 1055-6 (2006).

Furthermore, the bearing situation was examined, with regard to the eccentric loading discharge, girder bendings and subsidences, as well as the occurred dents in the discharge hopper.

Polysius AG
Period of service
2011 - 2012
Sohar, Oman
  • Expert Reporting