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Landscape Park Duisburg-North

Utilisation of INTERPROJECT within the scope of the consistent verification of the physical structures

The Landscape Park Duisburg-North is a former industrial terrain that is also used as an adventure park, respectively for major events, as well as for behind-the-scenes tours through the industrial terrain.

In the course of a consistent verification of the park structures (approx. 88 structures: venue halls, hotels, office and management buildings, former blast furnace and secondary structures with museum character, work and sport sites) with regard to structural stability, longevity and conservation, it was vital that the special boundary conditions and the resulting, different requirements are documented, e.g. based on the different utilisations, building materials and other materials and to enter these documentations into an individually designed verification system for the Landscape Park Duisburg-North.

The validation data sheets / structure books are designed in such a way that the different requirements and building styles of the individual buildings are taken into consideration, being as consistent as possible. The goal here was an interdisciplinary junction of all object information for the optimisation of the life cycle costs, as well as for the definition of measures for the improvement of substance and conservation of value.

As a mean for the implementation of these goals, ZPPs self-developed project information and management system INTERPROJECT was utilised. INTERPROJECT was refined based on the individual requirements of the shed of the Landscape Park Duisburg-North, among others for the prediction of maintenance costs, while supporting the landscape park with a solution for a durable quality management.

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