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Landscape park Duisburg-North

Structural planning and examinations for measures of repair and maintenance

The listed Landscape Park Duisburg-North in Duisburg-Meiderich is a 180 ha large brownfield site which has been redesigned to a multifunctional park. In its centre there is a shutdown steelworks whose old industrial structures can be used in various ways.

ZPP has been commissioned with planning of the remodelling and examinations for repair and conversion of different buildings and constructions for the reuse of the former steelworks. In particular, requirements concerning protection of historical monuments and the laws involved had to be taken into consideration.

In detail the following larger construction projects were involved:
_Structural examinations and calculations for the repair of the youth and apprenticeship hotel in the “Alte Verwaltung”
_Recurring structural examinations and calculations of the “Kraftzentrale” (former gas headquarters)
_Collaboration during repair of the steel structural framework construction of a meeting place
_Recurring structural examinations and calculations also concerning steel girder bearing capacity in the “Gebläsehalle” as a meeting place
_Collaboration during maintenance works of the sheet steel roofing of the cast house of the blast furnace

ZPP has been commissioned with planning remodelling and repair for further constructions and buildings: control centre, gas purification west and the blast furnace constructions.

Picture source: Baoquan Song
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