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Gas compressor station Mittelbrunn

Structural planning for the expanding of the gas pressure measuring facility and the regulating system

MEGAL GmbH & Co KG is converting its gas pressure measurement and control system (GDRM) at the station in Mittelbrunn in the south of Rhineland-Palatinate due to changed transport requirements.

The gas compressor station is to be expanded in the area of the GDRM plant. For this purpose, the existing GDRM system is being dismantled and replaced by a new system including filters. In addition, a new GDR system will be installed and an existing measuring building will be converted.

Static proofs of several foundations supporting the gas pipes and fittings as well as the static proof of required excavation pit supports are required for the measure.

ZPP was commissioned by Open Grid Europe GmbH to prepare the necessary static calculations for the conversion of the gas compressor station. The 3D planning services of the pipe manufacturer were prepared by ZPP with the necessary excavation pits and new foundations in a 3D model for the client.

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